Rapini Demystified

There was once a time when seeing Rapini in the produce section of urban grocery stores made me feel like a bit of a failure.  Here was a vegetable I couldn’t quite grasp.  I’d buy it, bring it home, cook it, and it tasted awfully bitter – time and again.  So I stopped buying it. … More Rapini Demystified

The Circle of Life: The First Nations Medicine Wheel Garden

Written in 2006 to supplement a First Nations Medicine Wheel Garden presentation for YWCA Muskoka’s Victim’s Services program and to aid in healing when visiting the Chrysalis House Medicine Wheel healing garden which I designed in Huntsville. This was a very popular presentation but I’ve discontinued it because it was not really mine to give. Sacred … More The Circle of Life: The First Nations Medicine Wheel Garden

Wild Recipes for Biodiversity

This article was written and compiled in 2002 and  distributed as a marketing tool for BarK throughout Muskoka at trade shows, markets, workshops, and seminars.  Updated and printed in 2005 for the Edible Algonquin Summer Workshop series.* We all know the joys of harvesting wild fruit such as Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries, Cranberries or Crab Apples.  There … More Wild Recipes for Biodiversity

Black Ops Birders

What Makes a Bad-Ass? Protocol for Ultimate Black Ops Style By: Corvus Corax ARE MY BINOCULARS HANGING TOO LOW!?  If so, this common birding faux-pas can invoke questions from the layman such as: “Have you been hunting?”, or “Who do you work for?”, or if encased in a jacket on a female geek, “When are … More Black Ops Birders