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May the Forest be With You

Ethnobotanical accounts from a professional ecologist, bedrock botanist, and citizen scientist in the wilds of Muskoka and Haliburton.

Welcome to the Wild Garden Where Hope Sprouts Eternal

Join a bedrock botanist and her forest family throughout their many weird and wild citizen science, forest gardening, harm-none foraging, and wildcrafting adventures.

On this site you can share our love for all things botanical and witness some pretty neat footage of wildlife—and our wild life.

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Follow @botanigals on Instagram and Facebook to learn more about the native plants that can be found around Central Ontario and more specifically to Lake of Bays and Algonquin Highlands.  Whether it be plant ID, plant medicine, plant lore, or methodology, @botanigals posts share safe, harm-none, traditional methods using native plant species as food and medicine. 

There are also lots of neat ideas for working with long-cultivated plant species in the kitchen which can help make meal prep, hosting foodie events, and trying new plant foods with friends and family a lot more fun!

R.K. South Portage Lichen Madness 4 October 29 2017 wtm_RXB9360.jpg

Who is Botanigal? Well,… she’s a bedrock botanist, a citizen scientist, a forest gardener, a harm-none forager, a wild-craft wizard.., but if you cut through the scat—I’m just a weird and wild nature geek. Here’s a third-person account of who I am and what I do:

Botanigal’s education and experience

In 2002, Botanigal started a native plant nursery and ecological services business BarK Ecologic Gardens and Nursery , which operates around an educational core. The business has been planting seeds of diversity and shoreline gardens throughout the family’s home community of Muskoka and Haliburton educating private landowners, NGOs, volunteers, municipal government corporations, and the public about the importance of native plants, biodiversity, and ecological stewardship for 18 years.

Botanigals—where hope sprouts eternal—is a new branch of the business where Botanigal’s little sprouts are blossoming into their own plant-based interests. Botanigals carries all things botanical—from native plants; to cottage heirloom perennials; to vegetable starts that produce well in our zone; to tropicals for indoor air quality. Botanigals applies harm-none wild-crafting and harvest from our forest gardens to create loose leaf tea blends and cosmetic hygiene products. We combine local botanicals with ethical spices from afar to create new and authentic spice mixes and forest botanical infused salts for wild cuisine. Click on the Botanigals logo to visit the boutique.

Ethnobotanical and Ecology walks are a great way to entertain a group, or just help you and your family learn more about the plants that  surround you in your outdoor space, and what uses and other magic they may hold!

If you can’t make it out to the area for a live educational Botanigal hike or workshop event, please feel free to enjoy exploring these notes and images.