Cosmetic Powders


Infused with wild essences from the forest


Powder for Pits

Controls bacteria and wicks moisture without the pore-blockage or the chemicals.  Infused with with botanicals from the forest and pure essential oils.

Great if you are pregnant or breastfeeding  food-grade and not sticky…. we didn’t think the powder would be great if you needed to wear a little black dress, but then we discovered that it works in that situation too!

Cinnamon Bear Promo.jpg
A spicy blend with grounding tones and a hint of Cedar.
Flowery and vibrant with a hint of Wild Roses.  Invigorating and uplifting for activity and new ideas.
Sage Wisdom promo.jpg
With the balancing and calming tones of the plant Sages.  Great for those meditative days.


Scrotal Dust

Infused with botanicals from the forest, it brings relief from chafing, and controls moisture and bacteria.  Works on thighs and underneath the bosom as ‘Bust Dust’ too ladies!

No joke.  We created this product for a very real issue.  Our pals have tried, tested, and have become true in their belief of  botanigals’ Scrotal Dust.

Don’t polish your jewels… Trust our Dust!

Great for golfers, runners, cross country skiers, and cyclists.

Tested on testicles; not animals.


Woody and brisk and infused with forest resins.  A great scent!
Night Owl.jpg

Fruity and light with a touch of Juniper Berries and fresh spice.
Tomfoolery bunnies IMG_2650.jpg
We were commissioned to attempt to imitate the scent of gun oil.  This dust was so great with a hint of Cardamom, it became a permanent addition!  We’re still working on capturing the scent of gun oil though.

 NEW!  Tootsie Sprinkles –  on the shelves now!

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REALLY NEW!  Bust Dust Ladies.

Treat your tatas ;)

Bust Dust label ROSEMARY ROSE for 3in sticker


Looking for more cosmetic products to treat yourself?



We have a really cool pal who also has a group of botanigals whom she’s organized into a botanical cosmetics crew.  These amazing ladies make THE BEST face creams and body lotions, hair products, lip balms and more!

We are working on getting her products onto our site here.   This will be her spot so you can buy her amazing products.   Your patience will be rewarded.

you can visit SIGRID at her website