The Odd Spice


                                          YOUR SECRET INGREDIENT                                          SALT, SUGAR, AND MSG FREE

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the-odd-spice-madras-curry-powder-for-web          the-odd-spice-dhania-jeera-masala-for-web          the-odd-spice-east-indian-bottle-masala-for-web              the-odd-spice-punjabi-garam-masala-for-web          the-odd-spice-sambhar-masala-for-web         the-odd-spice-taco-blend-web

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Bring a Taste of the Wild to Any Table


Wild Salt SWEETGRASS  for 3in stickers for print.jpg

SWEETGRASS – For use in pastries and pie crusts

Wild Salt SWEETGALE  for 3in stickers for print.jpg

 SWEETGALE – Great for roasting, wild game, savoury baking, and finishing

Wild Salt WINTERGREEN  for 3in stickers for print.jpg

WINTERGREEN – Delicious topping for whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, and yogurt

Wild Salt HEMLOCK CONES for 3in stickers for print

HEMLOCK CONE – Wonderful for red meat and veggie roasts, and medicinal gargles

Wild Salt SPRUCE TIPS  for 3in stickers for print.jpg

SPRUCE TIPS – Ideal for medicinal honey infusions, sprinkled on ice cream, and as an addition to savoury pie crusts.

Wild Salt LAVENDER for 3in stickers.jpg

LAVENDER – We’ve got some foodie friends who swear by adding lavender to pastries…