Rebecca’s community engagement and education.

Muskoka Region News

“If you’re harvesting from your area, the local ingredients are made up with similar water as your body. And like anything local, it’s just better chemistry.”

Muskoka Trails Council

“The fact that the trail meanders through a significant length of the Riparian Zone of Fairy Lake allows us to wander about the richest biodiversity area in town. Pedestrians can mingle with the array of wildlife that uses this ribbon of life for food, shelter, breeding – and for water, of course.”

Muskoka Watershed Council

Two shorelines on Muldrew Lake received a biodiversity booster consisting of 100 trees, shrubs, and wildflowers as part of the Restore Your Muskoka Shore initiative

Trail Walk & Talk

Rebecca has hosted many an informative trail walk in her region!

South Portage Dock after restoration
South Portage Dock Restoration

Dwight Beach Shoreline Restoration

With teamwork and careful consideration, it can be done