Peeling Garlic Without the Grief: It’s Scientific!


Do you hesitate to deal with garlic because it is a pain to peel, it sticks to your fingers, and your hands smell like garlic for a good while later?

Fresh, whole garlic is so great for people, but when it is fresh, there is a chemical reaction that occurs at the moment the cell walls are damaged, which creates the potent aroma we are all so familiar with.

Here are some simple hints on how to process a clove of garlic without the sticky and stiNky fingers. There’s simple science in here too! And please remember to always respect your knives.

Step One.  Find a substantial STAINLESS STEEL knife with a broad blade, this is key to ease and safety.  The stainless steel is key here too.

Clove of garlic with substantial knife IMG_3382.jpg

Step Two. Take the root end off of the clove.

taking root end off of garlic clove IMG_3386.jpg

Step Three.  Press the knife down firmly, flat against the clove.  It’s okay if the clove breaks.  Place your fingers carefully, or use a fist, but don’t punch the knife.

Pressing garlic clove with knife blade IMG_3389.jpg

Garlic peel cracked IMG_3390.jpg

The clove will break free from the skin.

Garlic out of peel IMG_3391.jpg


Step Four.  Rinse your knife under COLD water while running your fingers and thumb along both SIDES of the blade, SHARP EDGE DOWN.  Do not touch the sharp edge, K?

Washing garlic knife and fingers IMG_3395.jpg

The cold water, stainless steel and garlic compounds react to each other, ridding your fingers of the garlic smell.  Neato!

May your hands smell great forever and May the forest be with you.

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