A Primer to Honour Your Fresh Greens

How often do you buy more fresh vegetable greens than you can manage for your meal plans?  I’d often look in the crisper in my fridge and find fresh greens that we’d purchased such as Cilantro, Parsley, Dill, Basil, and even Spinach wilted or turned to mush, especially when my girls were very young andContinue reading “A Primer to Honour Your Fresh Greens”

Making Paneer for your Botanigals Odd Spice Mixes

Paneer is a fresh cheese that is very easy to make.  Aside from the time it takes to stir the milk while it boils, and the time it takes to press the cheese, it is really a simple process and the product is way better than the packaged products you can find at large groceryContinue reading “Making Paneer for your Botanigals Odd Spice Mixes”

Peeling Garlic Without the Grief: It’s Scientific!

  Do you hesitate to deal with garlic because it is a pain to peel, it sticks to your fingers, and your hands smell like garlic for a good while later? Fresh, whole garlic is so great for people, but when it is fresh, there is a chemical reaction that occurs at the moment theContinue reading “Peeling Garlic Without the Grief: It’s Scientific!”

The Circle of Life: The First Nations Medicine Wheel Garden

Written in 2006 to supplement a First Nations Medicine Wheel Garden presentation for YWCA Muskoka’s Victim’s Services program and to aid in healing when visiting the Chrysalis House Medicine Wheel healing garden which I designed in Huntsville. This was a very popular presentation but I’ve discontinued it because it was not really mine to give. SacredContinue reading “The Circle of Life: The First Nations Medicine Wheel Garden”

Gardening in Deer Country

This was my first ‘article’ written to be distributed at a ‘Ladies Night’ speech I was asked to do about gardening with deer, which is quite an issue around waterfront in Muskoka and Haliburton. The topic was to be about ‘Deer Proofing’  but ‘proofing’ is practically impossible because deer are an inherent part of the ecosystems here thatContinue reading “Gardening in Deer Country”

Wild Recipes for Biodiversity

This article was written and compiled in 2002 and  distributed as a marketing tool for BarK throughout Muskoka at trade shows, markets, workshops, and seminars.  Updated and printed in 2005 for the Edible Algonquin Summer Workshop series.* We all know the joys of harvesting wild fruit such as Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries, Cranberries or Crab Apples.  ThereContinue reading “Wild Recipes for Biodiversity”

Tales of a Walking Stick

The Shillelagh helps us gauge the size of the prints we photograph. We are lucky enough to snowshoe right out of our back yard. With walking sticks in hand, we pack down trails every winter to observe wildlife and experience the woods sans blood-sucking bugs. With this hobby has come a fellow love for winterContinue reading “Tales of a Walking Stick”

Are Wild Scents Common Sense?

Why Wild Scents are Sensible. Aromatherapy and Plant Folklore for Muskoka, Haliburton, and Central Ontario. HOW MANY TIMES CAN YOU REMEMBER being lost within an enchanting scent in nature?  Perhaps you happened upon a cool, lowland pocket of air, enveloped by Jewelweed.  Perhaps you had just trimmed some grass beside a moist, naturalized area.  PerhapsContinue reading “Are Wild Scents Common Sense?”