Floating along with the Lake of Bays Heritage Foundation for the fourth annual Silent Boat Poker Run.

R.K. LBHF Poker Run 2016

So 2016 was the fourth year for this great educational event held on the lower Oxtongue River near Dwight, Ontario.  I have been the Floating Ecologist for the event since its inception and can say – without jinxes – it hasn’t rained during the event yet, it’s always sunny!

There is no race for time with this poker run. It is all about the hand you get dealt, from floating dealers, which is not comprised of your typical cards with hearts and spades. These cards are handcrafted with photographs of local native species and the best hand is the one with the most Species at Risk, so you can take as much time as you’d like. Take a swift or relaxed paddle, collect your hand, see the sights and get a really nice lunch.

Aside from Kingfisher, Great Blue Heron, and White-throated Sparrow, the more noticeable flowering plant species one would typically see along this paddle during this time of the year are as follows:

R.K. Cardinal Flower 2016 for web
Cardinal Flower
R.K. LBHF Poker Run 2016 Wapato for web
Arrowhead or Wapato
R.K. LBHF Poker Run 2016 White Water lily for web
White Water Lily

R.K. Swamp milkweed with spider









R.K. Swamp milkweed with spider
Swamp Milkweed

Can you find the flower spider?

May the forest be with you.

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