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R.K. Ethnobotanicals line 2017 092 wtrm     woodsman                       WOODLAND BOTANICALS                     WILD COSMETIC POWDERS

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ODD SPICE & WILD SALT * RECIPES                               SMUDGES

R.K. GIVER shoreline plants 135 wtm.jpg          P.C. Tiny crockery Crystal Skull wtm-8464.jpg         NATIVE PLANTS & FOREST GARDENS           TROPICALS AND OTHER NIFTIES

botanigals products can be found in:

Huntsville:  The Great Vine  and the Good Food Co-op

Minden: Organic Times

Dorset: Robinson’s General Store

Dwight: Dwight Garden Centre

 …and we can’t forget that we started our journey 15 years ago with native plants for shoreline and site restorations, as well as ethically produced and wild-crafted botanical products from our ecological forest gardens

You can order our products online by contacting us:

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Resident artists:

Peter Buwalda uses forest-made plant-based dyes and acrylic inks. @peterbuwalda


Daniel James Hill was nurtured on Sour Springs and is a creative force to recon with. @danusjhill


Photographs by Rebecca Krawczyk @botanigals

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Photographs, Paintings, and made objects by Paul Crosby

Paul Crosby Portrait April 21 2017_RXB1031 wtm


Boy do we have a lot of books about plants!  Field guides, herbal guides, magic, therapy, health, plants for pets, Feng shui, gardening, permaculture, wildlife……and all of the ISBN numbers for those really odd reads if you want any help finding anything obscure.  We can recommend the best books on the subject for this area